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money that will buy anything the white man has.
It is of much value., and you must use it from now

Our chief picked up one of the dollar bills,, and
there was a picture on it of a man with a bald
head. Our chief looked at the other members of
our tribe and said: 'We will call this Stikikikinasi
óBald Head/ And from that day on the dollar
bill has been known among the Blackfeet as 'Bald

When the white chief had laid all of his money
down on the ground and shown how much he
would give all of us for signing a treaty with hims
our chief took a handful of clay and made a ball
of it and put it on the fire and cooked it. And
it did not crack. Then he said to the white

"Now, give me some of your money; we will
put the money on the fire and the clay alongside
of it, and whichever burns the quickest is the

The white chief said:

"My money will burn the quickest, because it is
made of paper; so we can't do that/

Our chief then reached down into his belt
pocket and took out a little buckskin bag of
sand, and he handed it to the white chief, and

'Give   me   your   money,    I   will   count   the